Clawfoot Slumber Music Video Premiere Clawfoot Slumber, Megan Diana, Young Elk

Fri, May 26, 2017 at 9pm

  • 21+
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Clawfoot Slumber 
Psychedelic-rock trio, Clawfoot Slumber creates alluring soundscapes that are easy to slip into and impossible to forget. True to their name, the music of Clawfoot Slumber is filled with exhilarating builds, driving-attacks and moments of entrancing, slumber-inducing, ambience. Wielding simple instrumentation and a refined taste for tone, the ensemble sculpts near cinematic sonic experiences. Frosted with raw vocals that illustrate assorted moral allegories, Clawfoot Slumber dials in a dynamic that flows seamlessly from ethereal to concrete. 

Megan Diana 
Megan Diana brings together a bass player from the jazz world, an airy 80's-esque guitarist and a singer-songwriter driven by vintage keys. 

Young Elk
Distant, somber, and often times, crushingly bleak—Young Elk's songs are painfully deliberate. The music itself serves as the framework to plow the depths of such darkness. Subtly straddling the blurred lines between post punk, 90s-era Northwestern indie rock, and alt country, Young Elk has developed a one-of-a-kind sound pulling from influences like Pedro the Lion, Nick Cave, Low, and Bedhead. 
Young Elk's debut LP, "The Dark Side of the Holy Ghost" is available now on vinyl and digital download on Holiday Breath Records

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