Garage Punk + Avant Freak Pop + Experimental Art Pop from... Rotties, Wall of Ears, The Crenshaw

Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 9pm

  • 21+
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ROTTIES are a Rock'n'Roll foursome from Portland, OR.  Dueling female vocals.  Headbanger riffs.  In your face intensity that just won't quit!

"Songs about rockin' the fuck out and landlord oppression over fist-pumping music...tough and out of control lady punkers raging like maniax" - LG, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, 09/2016

Wall of Ears 
WALL OF EARS is a Seattle-based psychedelic pop band, centered around the ongoing musical vision of CW Lott (ex-As Cities Burn, Moon Honey). Their second record HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING (out June 16) is both a reflection and a mantra on disintegrating the boundaries between ourselves and the hyper-complex world humming around us. Wall of Ears seeks to create a surreality that we can all live in together.

The Crenshaw
The Crenshaw is Andrew Jones on voice, upright bass, fx and programming and Chris Johnedis on drums and triggers. They play a singular brand of fractured pop borrowing from electronic music, hip hop and art rock as freely as classical minimalism and free improvisation - squeezing ambience, head-knocking grooves, and angular lyrical hooks into cathartic 3 minute epics.

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

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