Ghost Frog Album Release! Ghost Frog, Animal Eyes, SurfsDrugs

Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 9pm

  • 21+
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Ghost Frog
"Very little information about local “space punk” outfit Ghost Frog has been documented on the internet since their initial descent from outer space, although one aspect of their mission seems clear: they came here to share their “space drugs” with Portland scenesters and relieve us of our intact eardrums. For all appearances, it seems they come in peace and the subsequent loss in hearing can be seen as a necessary oblation to the many-headed grungy space-psychgaze hybrid creatures that make up Ghost Frog."
- Bryce Woodcock, The Deli Magazine Portland 

Animal Eyes
“When those layered vocal harmonies kick in, you can hear the influence of Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, but best of all you notice the confidence this band shows on their third release.” -Pop Matters
“Where We Go is sonically adventurous and detailed… but songcraft is still the primary objective here.” -The Portland Mercury


I got up one day and headed out on my super sweet bike. it was a fine day! after leaving i ran into this fat kid from up the street, it was his birthday he said and he asked to buy my bike. I basically said no way jose not for a million, trillion dollars and road off. i rolled into town real quick to grab a new horn for my bike that i ordered from this babe at the bike shop, it was dope and sounded fresh. after leaving the bike shop i went over to my bike and found that it had been taken by someone. As you probably figured I lost my shit and went and fucked shit up. then instead of looking for my bike I started this band. 
-Pee wee Herman

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

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