Busman's Holiday, No Aloha, T.V. Mike & The Scarecrowes

Fri, Nov 10 at 9pm

  • $8 advance and day of show
  • 21+
General Admission
$10.35 with fees
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Busman's Holiday

A Busman’s Holiday performance begins with the thump of kick-pedal on suitcase and the tuning of acoustic guitar strings, two affable brothers quietly considering where to take their audience first. They may begin with an exultant and driving harmony or a ballad in a melancholy mode, but not before they have laughed and shared stories with their audience, patient and cheerful, assuring the crowd that they are in good hands. As Lewis and Addison begin to sing, their voices together evoke the Southern Indiana where their music was born. One can’t help but feel the presence of the songs’ characters in the room beside you, the music offering intimate details from vivid strangers.

The Rogers brothers’ appeal has never been limited to a niche audience. Tested on the road for years, playing music at honky-tonks and roadhouses, moth-eaten lounges crawling with night creatures, punk palaces, last-wave folk huts, they’ve honed their skills and free-flowing banter to the point where they’ve been able to endear themselves to all corners.


No Aloha


"Local indie-pop trio No Aloha began as a collaboration between Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin in 2009. The pair started off playing under the moniker Brette and Blake, and in 2013 released Hi-Five, a charming debut album full of light and breezy synth-driven pop numbers. With the scope of the project expanding, the band decided to take on a new name, and having already professed their love for the Pixies by means of a gorgeous cover of "Wave of Mutilation," Irish and Ferrin turned to a Breeders track in selecting their new namesake. Thus No Aloha was born. Ferrin and Irish continue to hone their ability to craft twinkling pop music, while peppering in just enough coarse texture to keep you on your toes. All of this is on display in their excellent recent single, "Fall Away," where the band's love for the Deal sisters comes full circle."


T.V. Mike & the Scarecrowes


T.V. Mike is a song and dance man that was born in the 70’s.  That makes a lot of sense when you listen to the cosmic twang stylings of T.V. Mike & the Scarecrowes. These modern day minstrels have been whittling their way through the American landscape for over 10 years,  capturing hearts with their original sound.  T.V. Mike’s voice brings a weird comfort to the listener with its reedy tone similar to Jerry Garcia or Gram Parsons. Musical influences are aplenty within this record-collecting bunch; their eclectic campfire sound takes you swimming deep in the woods, with their 3rd full length album, Manzanita.

Manzanita is the first release since 2014’s Out at Sea EP. The band decided to return into the studio a third time with Mike Walti (Big Freedia, Latryx) and also bring in Andy Cabic (Vetiver, Devendra Barnhart) in as producer. Manzanita finds the band with some new members and a batch of songs crafted after several years of touring. The core group consists of Andrea De la Rosa, Anna Cucciardo, Ben Reisdorph(Good Luck Thriftstore Outfit), Matt Lundquist, Austin Reimers, and Jacob Heule. Aaron Deer (Extra Classic) and Bryjean Murphy (Toro y Moi) add keys and auxiliary percussion.

The group blends familiar sounds from the past into a modern soul. Furry woodland creatures, as well as whispers of Tom Petty are in the background, but not upstaging the artfully crafted lyrics. Reisdorph’s swirling guitars on the title track “Manzanita” invoke David Gilmour, while Lundquist’s slide work on other tracks like “Wet & Wreckless” tip the hat to Duane Allman and Little Feat. T.V. Mike’s voice is truly original and will warm up to you like a lost pup in the woods. De la rosa and T.V. Mike’s voices blend together and become one similar to the 70’s sounds of Carole King/James Taylor.