Maggie Cibik and Emma Bridges present: Totally Normal:The Toxic Masculinity Show!
A comedy show confronting shame!

Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 7:30pm

  • All ages
  • ADA accessible
  • Beer / wine / cider
  • Snack bar
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • LGBTQIA-friendly
This event has passed.

WE LOVE MEN! But not the culture of toxic masculinity. This month's totally normal explores that theme. The all too common narrative that boys cannot express emotion openly, that they have to be tough all the time, and that vulnerability is intrinsically feminine and less than. Join us in rerouting this messaging & celebrating healthy masculinity! 

Totally Normal is a variety comedy show all about getting rid of shame and helping you feel normal in a world that is... not so normal. What is normal, anyway? Totally Normal is both massively funny, profound, empathetic, and moving.


Jeremy Resnick 

Emma Bridges

Maggie B. Cibik

Brenda Munson

Carlos Windham

Emily Shankman

Roland Mechanik

Kelsey Peake

Chris Johnson

Aaron Harleman

David Seung

Kris Cox

Russ Walsh

Colin Braun

So nice you can see it twice! December 18th at 7:30 pm and December 19th at 7:30 pm at Kickstand Comedy!

10% of proceeds go to support the YWCA Social Justice Outreach program! Social Justice Programs provide trainings on different social justice issues in the Portland, Oregon area on a variety of topics including: Understanding Oppression, Disability and Ableism, Interrupting Victim Blaming and more. The trainings are open to the public and are a great way to educate the community on different systems of oppression. We are so pumped to collaborate with them!

Part of Kickstand Comedy's mission is to eliminate barriers from comedy - a portion of seats at every Kickstand show are pay-what-you-want at the door.

When 7:30pm / Cost $10

Kickstand Comedy

16 NW Broadway
Portland, Or 97209

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