Maggie Cibik and Emma Bridges present: Totally Normal: The Activism Show! (Thursday)
A comedy show confronting shame!

Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 7:30pm

  • All ages
  • ADA accessible
  • Beer / wine / cider
  • Snack bar
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • LGBTQIA-friendly
This event has passed.

Totally Normal is a variety comedy show all about getting rid of shame and helping you feel normal in a world that is... not so normal. What is normal, anyway? Totally Normal is massively funny, profound, empathetic, and moving.

Activism and shame — how are those things connected? Activism is awesome, right?

Right! But sometimes (often?) the world can feel like a chaotic, loud, burning pile of plastic garbage fire and all we have is a bio-degradable trash bag & a monthly contribution to Democracy Now. Shame rises from the ashes - of not doing enough, not knowing enough, of not doing it the right way, and everything in between.

This month’s Totally Normal sees you and wants to say that not all is lost. Come join us to get some haha's and aha's about how to make this world just a little better, brighter, and more sustainable.

Your attendance itself is a form of activism! We are partnering with 350PDX to give them 20% of the proceeds! ❤

So nice you can see it twice! Feb 19 & 20!

Doors at 7 / Show at 7:30pm / $10 

**Kickstand Comedy's strives to eliminate barriers from comedy - a portion of seats at every Kickstand show are pay-what-you-want at the door.

Kickstand Comedy

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Portland, Or 97209

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