10.20 Cinema Under the Stars, in Cars! Silent Voices: Large Format Premiere

Parking beginning at 6:30, screening at 7:30

Look for our Next Posted Showtime!

Join Rose City Rollers and the film makers for a premiere screening of a special, volunteer community created and supported film amplifying the once Silent Voices of 9 victims of Portland Police shootings.

Silent Voices, is a play written by Donna Hayes whose grandson, Quanice Moose Hayes (17 yrs old) was killed by police in 2017. The Creators decided to make the play into a film because of Covid. Hayes explains, “We hear on TV and in the media a carefully-constructed police narrative. We see in the ‘comments’ what people who never knew our children think about them, but we can’t hear our children tell their side of the story. I wrote this play so we can hear them. I speak for the silent voices.” 

In memory of Aaron Campbell, Bodhi Phelps, Brad
Lee Morgan, Christopher Kalonji, Jack Collins, John Elifritz,
Kendra James, Merle Hatch, and Quanice Moose Hayes.

Thank you to the following organizations for their support: Don't Shoot Portland, Portland Playhouse, Open Signal, Pacific Northwest Family Circle, PDX Car Caravan, Girl Game Gang Productions, and Shrine13. 


How does ticketing work?

  • Admission to this premeire event is a suggested $30 per car donation, though (if you feel inclined) additional donations are much appreciated. Please feel free to email events@rosecityrollers.com with any questions, or to request no cost tickets generously donated by the filmmakers.

How many people can attend?

  • There is a limit of 50 cars per screening - you are allowed to bring as many people you can safely and legally fit into your car.

Will there be concessions / can I bring my own snacks?

  • Feel free to bring snacks and drinks but note that ALCOHOL is strictly prohibited and consumption of such at our event will be grounds for removal.
  • Snack packs will be available for purchase ($25/ea) and include:
    • 2 Boomchickapop Popcorns
    • 1 pack Red Vines
    • 1 pack Sour Patch Kids
    • 2 Famous Amos Cookie packs
    • 2 Gold Fish packs
    • 1 Wasabi Almonds
    • 4 La Croix sparkling waters

Can I watch outside of my car?

  • Unfortunately, no. Safety of attendants is our top priority, and social distancing will be strictly enforced. If anyone is seen not abiding by distancing, masking (i.e. when outside of cars to use the restroom), and our other posted procedure, in line with the county, state, and CDC mandates for our area, you will be immediately asked to leave by our onsite security staff.

Please note, our facility at Oaks Park has been the Home of the Rose City Rollers for 15 years running, and we want to keep our relationship with our landlord solid. Please help us to do so by abiding by the following rules:

  • Purchaser must be over 18 and legally able to agree to the waiver, for themselves and minors in their group, within 24 hours of attending the event. NO Exceptions. Buy purchasing a ticket, you assert your agreement.
  • Waiver signee must attend the event, (no unaccompanied minors riding solo please!)
  • We need to stick to a strict 10 person limit of people out of their cars, including our production staff. Please limit bathroom breaks to “only essential”. 
  • Please note we have a Porta Potty that will be bleached between uses, and a sink, but no mirror or dressing room areas.
  • No smoking of any substance whatsoever is allowed while your windows are rolled down.

Waiver link is also here!


Rose City Rollers Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park

7805 SE Oaks Park Wy.
Portland, OR 97202