Folk Magik Presents Head the Hive, TBD

Sat, Oct 15 at 9pm

  • 21+
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$16.80 with fees
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HEAD THE HIVE is a hard rock band formed in Portland, OR by guitarist/vocalist Anthony Lavadie, drummer Mark Grzywinski, and bassist Kris Corona. Their sound is a dirty, raw yet smooth blast of sexy. Their lyric content consists of themes from the darker side of life as well as the light, and is set to hypnotizing grooves that will make you move.

Their drum style is explosive and is guaranteed to invoke the deepest primal nature of your being. Sultry bass lines are designed to generate one's deepest sexual desires and convert them to dance and movement. The incendiary guitar riffs and lead lines create an addictive and euphoric sensation through every inch of your body, leaving jaws hanging and minds blown. His lyrics are the filthy whipped cream and cherry on top that ties this rock n roll sundae together. HEAD THE HIVE is a toe curling, emotion altering, full body experience you MUST see to believe!!!