Winter Pruning Series: Restoration for Apples and Pears

Sat, Mar 16 at 10am

  • This workshop will be held rain or shine so come prepared for winter weather.
  • Feel free to bring hand pruners and gloves if you would like, we will also have some to use for the day
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Large tree? Old heritage tree? A tree that was pruned poorly? Weather impacted tree? Increase the beauty and productivity of your old or rarely pruned apple and pear trees with this hands-on pruning class led by the experienced orchardist Jessie Spain of Tree and Ladder Orchard Care. This class applies to most backyard trees. We will be talking about and demonstrating strategies for how to bring your apples and pears back to better form and greater productivity. This is a great class to help understand the multi-year strategy for returning trees to something that can meet your needs. Timely pruning can improve the shape, strength, and fruit set of your trees, while simultaneously helping to reduce pest and disease pressure. Beginning with a brief introduction to general pruning theory, the class then transitions to working directly with fruit trees, allowing participants the opportunity to practice specific techniques for winter pruning. This workshop will be held at a home site close to the orchard that has some trees that need restoration-type work.

Oracle Orchard

1211 NE Faloma Rd
Portland, OR 97211