Ezza Rose, Ritchie S. Young, Dumb Thumbs

Sat, May 20, 2017 at 9pm

  • 21+
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Ezza Rose

Since 2009, Ezza Rose Band has been cultivating a sound of their own. Drawing on several influences from the likes of Etta James, Patti Smith, and their residency in Portland, ERB writes and performs music which reflects the listeners’ lives back at them while hinting at a new perspective. The fluidity of love, the ebb and flow of relationships, and getting caught in the machine of expectations, all are deconstructed with flowy rhythm, aggressive electric guitars, and dreamy vocal melodies. The band has been contemplating a band name other than ERB for years but hasn't been able to settle on one quite yet. ERB is more of a collaboration for all four members now than it has ever been. They are trying a few names on, one of them being Night Rainbow.

“Her music, previously built on gentle, minimalist melodies and eerie harmonies, takes a different tone on her new LP. More electrified and slightly more ominous than the simple, lilting sound she previously established, this is Rose at her best so far.” - Willamette Week


with Ritchie S. Young (of Loch Lomond) and Dumb Thumbs from Seattle. 

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

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