BUHU, King Who, Different Cuts

Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 9pm

  • 21+
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Welcome to a hyper-fantastical reality born out of the sweet summer love between 80s babies and thrift store synth junkies. Fronted by Jeremy Rogers, BUHU crafts electronic bedroom pop with expressive vocal stylings over a vast array of synths, guitars, looping, effects and acoustic instrumentation. Inherently thematic, every album, every song and every note tells a story that can be both deeply personal and completely fictional. Raised in the frozen wastes of northern Wisconsin, Jeremy was endowed with a vibrant imagination and his father’s second hand store acoustic guitar. He studied under the influences of Jackson Browne and Modest Mouse while simultaneously losing himself in the hypnotic and emotive instrumentation of artists like The Books and Tortoise. Before even buying his own guitar, the first musical purchase Jeremy made was for a loop station. After years of layering various guitars, effects and synthesizers… tinkering and retinkering… BUHU was born. More than just a moniker, BUHU is a retrospective of Jeremy’s ideal self and his worst self. Nothing is held back and the music is reflective of everything he wants to be and everything he never was. BUHU’s music is often fun as it is often emotional, but it is always honest.

Relationshapes, the first full length - and the follow-up to the critically lauded 4-Track Cinemat live video EP - captures a flash-frozen portrait of the struggles of youthful love, emotional toxicity, and redemption between twentysomethings that aren't fully formed yet themselves. There is a tidal pull within the record, balancing the darkness with a profound feeling of happiness and confidence. Relationshapes was released in January of 2016 on FMF Records.

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

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