LiquidLight Album Release! LiquidLight, Hollow Sidewalks, Down Gown

Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 9pm

  • $5 advance and day of show
  • 21+
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Portland based rockers, LiquidLight, have announced their forthcoming sophomore album Wicked Radio out this September. Their new record both pushes their boundaries and sees them returning to their roots with a diverse realm of inspiration for their music. LiquidLight has the psychedelic energy of a 70s band on the road for the first and last time. Living on the edge, living through the hurdles of existence and most of all living for the love of creating something that adds a sparkling narrative to the rock scene. The band’s use of trippy psych and rock elements create both a mosh pit party and radio friendly atmosphere.

Their first full length album 2015’s, Uninitiated, was named Best Emerging Alt Rock Band by the Deli Magazine. Their debut showcased the band’s tremendous potential as a post-punk, alternative powerhouse. Referencing such formers as Husker Du and The Replacements, LiquidLight has been described as “melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful.” “This new album is a commentary on the divide between Pop songs and having strong instrumental personality. Those things used to be wrapped up in one package but they have been growing further apart for decades. Our goal was to bring them together in our own way.” - Anthony Medici, LiquidLight


Hollow Sidewalks
One thing you can say about Hollow Sidewalks is they're prolific.  Upon forming their own label, High School Records, and releasing their debut and sophomore albums on vinyl, they quickly got back in the studio for more.  "Worn out Heart" is the fruits of their labor.  A new line up, and arguably a more evolved sound isn't all that they have to offer.  

Their live show captivates with a heaping wall of sound.  And they're taking that show all over Western America.  Front-woman, Nora Murphy Hughes pushes her deep sultry vocals to the brink while lead guitarist, Nicholas LoCascio, tempers the atmosphere with his swirly yet pointed riffs.  All is held together by the swagger and steadiness of their rhythm section, bassist, Mori Dinauer and drummer, Doug Ornas.  It's no wonder this band is eager to play out and play often."



Down Gown
Veterans of Portland's vibrant music community from the classic '90s through the expansive '00s, Down Gown rotate between delicate phrasing, unusual chord structures and thunderous blasts of rock. Soaring tenor vocals and an angular rhythm section create a powerful and compelling set of songs. 

Since their 2013 debut, Down Gown has shared the stage with dozens of talented musicians, including METZ, Gaytheist, Gern Blanston, and The Pynnacles, to name a few. 

Their eponymous debut was released on Cavity Search Records on January 27, 2017.

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