Show Ridiculous: Splash Zone

Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 7:30pm

  • All ages
  • Beer / Wine / Cider
  • Snack Bar
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • ADA accessible
  • LGBTQIA-friendly
This event has passed.

Show Ridiculous is a sketch comedy team (and occasional public access program) comprised of some of Portland’s funniest writers and performers! Every other month, Show Ridiculous dreams up a wildly original sketch show and performs it live at Kickstand Comedy!


Are you ready to GET SOAKED? Bust out your bathing suits, slather on your sunscreen, blow up those water weenies, and enter The Splash Zone! This raucous sketch comedy show guarantees condensation, perspiration and hydration. Find out what happens when you save a mermaid’s life. See NPR personalities fight to the death live on stage. And remember to put on your poncho (included with ticket purchase!).


Directed by Katie Kester (UCB New York), The Splash Zone features writing and performances by Anne Zander (Juicebox, Dear Diary), Nick Beaird (The Squirts), Michael Zimmer (Night Bus, Papa? Improv), Michael Knackstedt (Kickstand CVLT, Sweathogs), Emily Shankman (Dear Diary), Alex Beeken (Friends with Formats Podcast), Tony Cohen (Papa? Improv), Becca Wolfinger (Sweathogs, Late Night Special) and more!

Kickstand Comedy

16 NW Broadway
Portland, Or 97209

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