Phantom PDX
Halloween Warehouse Experience

Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 8pm

This event has passed.

Goblins, ghouls and Halloween fools!

Saturday, October 26th - Portland, OR - Phantom PDX returns to The Redd on Salmon. We LOVE old warehouses and can’t wait to show off what our talented team is putting together this year.

  • Bands | DJs | Stilt Walkers | Aerial Dancers | Party Bus 
  • Interactive Art | Geodesic dome | Outdoor tents | karaoke lounge

  • Food carts | 4 bars | 28 bathrooms and so much more...

First things first, The Redd isn’t just any old event space, it is Portland’s premier party venue. Hands-down. This historic building has all the “Old Portland” character you can handle with a fresh face lift. The space is lined in sustainably harvested cedar with a massive historic metal stamping press and industrial trussing support. That’s just the inside. The venue sits on an entire city block with all the proper easements to maximize usable space, which gives us over 35000 square feet to play with. 

As in years past, expect each area to be thoroughly themed out with 3 stages to satisfy everyone's musical preference. Bonus points for the giant geodesic dome to spark your curiosity and All The Homies party bus will be on-site to retreat too. There will be a lot to explore.

Music line-up as follows:


Swatkins and the Positive Agenda


Sublimate Showcase

Whateveryn - Knate Phaser - Heisty

Mothership Showcase

Ca$h Only - Sonwell - Streeter

The Kinky Brothers

Grand Royale - A Beastie Boys Tribute


Jake McGeorge

and R O S E S

A Fox


This is my empire




Chris Bower

Dirty Deeds

Dual Mode

The Redd

831 SE Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97214