Ze: Queer As Fuck Oct. 3-7

Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 9pm

“ZE”: QUEER AS FUCK! is a one-person, genderqueer, kinky, femmesexual, polyminded, gay-divorcee PRIDE parade through the real life of Michelle/Ryan. “Ze” (the pronoun most commonly used by gender non-conforming folk) rips the bandage away from zir startling American Puritan upbringing in a multi-layered “coming out” process. Along the way ze discovers a beloved community that at times is just as ridiculous and pigeon-holed as the one ze’s left. Michelle/Ryan both uses and parodies the labels meant to help an individual embrace their truth in a modern world desperate for definition. “Ze” confronts stereotypes both within and without in a celebration that exposes the complex tension between being authentic to oneself and belonging.


“Bring[s] new insights and comedy to well-trod subjects that renders the material compelling.” – Now Toronto (Canada)

“Intelligent, thought provoking, highly entertaining, educational.” – Out in Perth. (Australia)

“Transcends ideas about what it means to be queer.” – The Queer Av (Australia)

“A raw and incredibly intimate journey…compulsory viewing…it may well change your life.” – Theatreview (New Zealand)

“The affirmation you didn’t know you needed.” – Mooney on Theatre (Canada)


Nominated for “Best Comedy” at Fringe World 2016

Winner of comedy award: “Best Use of Awkward Silence” Toronto Fringe 2016

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Coho Theater

2257 NW Raleigh St
Portland, OR 97210