Come Inside 2018: Sex & Culture Theater Festival

Come Inside is a festival of sex-positive performances from across the spectrum of sexual identities. Illuminating, inclusive and often hilarious, these stories resonate with emotional intimacy and theatrical flair. Dance Naked Productions celebrates their 10-year anniversary on October 1st, kicking off the festival with an Opening Night Gala at the Alberta Rose Theatre, featuring highlights from past performers and sneak previews of the upcoming shows in the festival. The intimate CoHo Theater in NW Portland provides an intimate venue for the festival proper – featuring dozens of performances between Oct. 3-14.

Come inside and connect with a cadre of salacious storytellers offering curative comedy, restorative erotica, and stimulating post-show conversations!

Taking Up the Notch - Shirly Gnome

ZE: Queer As Fuck - Ren Lunicke

FishGirl - Siouxsie Q James and Sean Andries

Sex Ed a Go Go - Dirty Lola

Schlong Song - Woody Shticks

Tough Brown Leather - Tonya Jones

The Pink Hulk - Valerie David

F*ck Tinder - David Rodwin