SOLD OUT Stay Weird: Improv Workshop with Leigh Cameron

Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 7pm

This event has passed.
Leigh Cameron is alumnus of The Second City of Toronto Mainstage.  She is a teacher and director at Second CIty Training Centre Toronto. She has toured to festivals in Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal.  Leigh Cameron is the director of The Epic Bedtime Improvised Show at Bad Dog Theatre, and a voice on upcoming cartoons EverWeird and Shuyan.
Find yourself making the same boring offers in every scene? Or making quirky offers that you can’t make stick? In Stay Weird,  tap into the well of wacky ideas in your own brain and make them work for you. Through exercises that work with your own experiences and assumptions and that target focus, justification, status and stakes you will learn to access your inner weirdo and put it to work in your scenes.